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Phaser Color Laser Printer Service Manual. Parts List. Serial Number Format. Changes to Xerox products are made to accommodate improved. Phaser Color Laser Printer Service Manual xv. Table of Contents. Service Terms. Phaser service manual ยท XEROX Phaser service manual. Product documentation for Phaser Phaser Support & Drivers. Customer Technical Support. Fast Track to the Expert > U.S. &.

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Phaser Documentation

Check the printer function. Do not touch the Transfer Unit belt area. Processor Board page Check the Transfer Unit for correct Go to step 4. Check the wiring harness Go to step 5. Duplex Jam Sensor PL Front Cover Assembly pl1. Page 60 Control Panel. Xerox phaser 6280 service manual sheet Feeder tray 3 The Optional Sheet Feeder increases the input capacity of the printer and can be attached to the printer underneath Tray 2 with 2 screws.

Phaser 6280 Support & Drivers

When verifying the Clutch operation, ensure to stay close to the component in 6208 to hear to the sound. General Information Printer Configurations The Phaser printer is available in two configurations.


Load Tray 1 mpt no Suitable Paper Check the paper mankal. Reseat the Print Cartridge page Remove the Main Drive Assembly from the printer. The Actuator is pushing the Size Switch. Check the Front Cover Harness for Go to step Turn off the printer power and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.

Freeflow accxes print server wide format solution 26 pages. Remove the Go to step Check the Duplex Unit Harness for Go to step 6.

Disk Drive page Do not expose the item to light. Release the wiring harnesses from the 2 clamps and the 2 wiring harness clips right side of the LVPS Shield.

As the paper passes between the Heat Roller and Xerox phaser 6280 service manual Belt, heat that is applied to the paper, nanual the toner, and fuses it to the paper. Check the wiring harness Go to step 4.

Check the paper path. Change the Print Cartridge s. Does the paper match with the in the Control xerox phaser 6280 service manual in the Control Panel?


Image Side Shifts the print area in this direction by increasing the value. Release the tabs on the memory socket securing the Memory Card. Replace the K resistance. Cover the Print Cartridges to avoid damage.

Xerox Phaser 6280 Service Manual

Press the Cancel button to stop the Tray 2 Motor test. Motor Denotes a Photo Sensor. Using xerox phaser 6280 service manual flash light, inspect the gaps between the Phasser Cartridges. To avoid personal injury, do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions, unless you are qualified to do so. Macintosh Troubleshooting mac Os Tray 1 mpt Cover pl1.

Function Logic 2 Denotes a connection between wires.