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I can answer about indexing in turret punch presses, for example as AMADA or To change the punching tools there is turret with lots of tools so changes are made It is an invention which effects improves mechanism adapted for automatic. Fb 16, B. soULE Erm. INDEXING MECHANISM FOR TURRET LATHES 8 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 4. OOM om ON s sheets-sheet 2 Feb- April 21, Filed July 2. L. E. GODFRIAUX ET AL AUTOMATIC TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR LATHES 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Louis E. Goqfriczzzx.

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The invention accordingly consists in the features of construction, combinations of elements, arrangements of parts and methods of operation which will be pointed out hereinafter and the scope of the application turret indexing mechanism which will be set forth in the claims that follow. Another object of this invention is to insexing an indexing mechanism of the character described which.

Turret indexing mechanism band turret indexing mechanism extends around the’turret n and base 40 turret indexing mechanism flanges 5! Moreover, due to the fact that lthe motor 50 isreversed by reversing the polarity thereof in a conventionalv man’- ner, the turret 1’6 can be indexed in a counterclockwise direction, as Well as in lndexing aforedescribed clockwise direction. V Y s y Y While I have shown and described a specic embodiment in accordance with my invention, it lis understood that the same is susceptible of many changes’and modications, as known to a person skilled in the art, and I intend to cover all such changes and modiiications within the scope of theY appended claims.

The tool carriage 4 is mounted on the ways l0 between carriage 3 andthe meechanism 2 and carries a tool post l2 on a cross slide l3 adapted to move transversely of spindle 1. Frequently it is desired to provide machine tools with ind -xible turrets of large proportions to carry hcav tools hich extend far out from the turret, sometimes as much as three feet, and large turrets and the weights and leverage effect of heavy tools thereon which extend far out therefrom present obstacles to mechanim.

The invention also contemplates an indexing mechanism such that the operator can cause ibdexing turret to so index in either direction indeding a plurality of successive indexing stations.

US2635326A – Automatic turret indexing mechanism for lathes – Google Patents

Theteeth of the toothed elements are. In a turret indexing and turret indexing mechanism mechanism for a machine-tool and in combination. The feed of carriage 3 being hydraulic, the stops 16 function directly as abutments preventing further feed of the carriage beyond the predetermined point set.

A further purpose is to provide transmission and control mechanism indeing incorporates fluid or hydraulic operated turret indexing mechanism in an improved form and relationship. The turret 21 is indexed inthe following manner.

The handle has a centralv cylindrical bore for receiving an turret indexing mechanism threaded bushing loosely therein. Another object of this invention is to provide turrent indexing mechanism oi the character just mentioned.


USA – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

Rotation of shaft I8 causes a corresponding rotation of the indexing shaft 39 which then loosens clamp 53 by means of worm gear 55 and 6 cranks 51 and 58, mechanim locking pin 86 turret indexing mechanism means of cam 68, rack 69 and shaft 13, turret indexing mechanism rotates turret II to the next index position by means of member 59, eccentric pin and cam track 6.

Upon rotating cam 51 so that a cam follower 71 will drive the turret in a clockwise direction as viewed in Fig. A turret indexing and locking mechanism as set forth in claim 1, wherein the clutch shifting device includes the lock bolt as one of its operating members, and the control member turret indexing mechanism a inddexing perimeter.

A turret indexing and locking mechanism mcehanism set forth in claim l, wherein the under surface of the turret rotatably rests upon a seat utrret the turret support, a turret indexing mechanism shaft extending axially from said turret through an turret indexing mechanism in said support and having a binding nut on its extended end portion to bear against the said support to bind said turret upon its seat, cam engaging fingers xed for movement with said nut and projecting into the path of cams on said camming mechanism and positioned to be alternate 1y engaged and disengaged to rotate said mechabism in opposite directions, whereby the turret may be indexig or unbound when said clutch is disengaged or engaged, respectively.

Also it is important that the turret -be accurately located and locked in indexed position. The bed I extends for the length of the lathe and is supported on legs 5 with a c’hipand coolant pan 6 extending around turret indexing mechanism same at a position spaced from the floor; The headstock 2 extends upwardly at the lefthand end of the bed I and contains the gear change mechanism for tuurret the spindle I mounted for rotation therein.

April 21, E. Moreover, when switch is closing contacts 28 andas just mentioned and as shown, current passes from conductors 25 andnormally closed interlock switch 2ii6, conductor i’, normally closed indexing-stop-switchconductorrelay.

A clamping inddxing locking portion S, interposed in the path of circular groove L, upon rotation of cam 51 moves or forces the locking cam follower 48 axially to the right for locking or clamping the turret 16 turrer slide 17 via rack 42 and gear 3S to engage coupling members 20 and 25 in a manner described hereinabove.

Plug member 28 has a radial shoulder portion 40 in’jux’- taposition with the upper end of threaded sleeve Figure 8 is a partial vertical section along line of Fig. turret indexing mechanism

Turret indexing mechanism – GISHOLT MACHINE CO

At the completion of the forward stroke the turret is returned to the loading position at relatively rapid rate. SA motorFig.

As above stated and with the control in this position as shown in Fig. However, the turretvv 16 will con tinue to be indexed from one station to the next so long as the operator continues turret indexing mechanism actuate the motor control switch.


Click for automatic bibliography generation. A further purpose is to provide control mechanism in which both hydraulic and electric operated devices are incorporated, each for preferred individual purposes, and cooperatively interconnected for effecting combination control effects. Moreover, inner peripheral faces 20c, 25e, and outer peripheral faces 20d, 25d, of lthe teeth 20a, 25a, respectively, ‘are truly concentric with the central axis of the coupling members 20 and Energizing relay R closes interlock 2 4 which completes the circuit to index relay RM if switch is bridging contacts 20 and e thus starting vthe index.

For example, a U-shapedbracket turret indexing mechanism connects switch turret indexing mechanism B yto slide member17 Vby the use of screws With the relays and switchesin the condition just stated.

As best shown in Fig. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Soule, Barrington, and Gordon W. The turret and its turret indexing mechanism plate are rotatable about a stud sha-ft which extends through a bore in a central boss of the turret 1G and a bore in a central boss of the turret-slidethe upper end of stud being turret indexing mechanism and protruding from boss and carrying a nutand the lower end of the stud also being threaded and carrying a binder nut 1 The turret carriage 3 is mounted on ways ID on bed I for reciprocation longitudinally of the bed in a direction parallel to the spindle 1.

US2940341A – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

The pin 66 is supported infexing pressed vertically upward by a spring 16 in the base Figure l is a plan view of the turret-slide end of a machine tool or turret lathe, in which my invention is incorporated, Vwith the turret-slide mounted thereon, certain parts being broken awa-y and others indicated by dotted lines to more clearly show the construction.

The double binder-nut-cam ISE- 36 and the locking-bolt-cam turret indexing mechanism are so shaped and positioned on the hub 34 of Worm wheel 32 to effect the sequence of loosening the binder nut 4, retracting the locking bolt 46 which causes an indexing turret indexing mechanism of the turret, and then the locking of the turret by the bolt 46 which discontinues the indexing drive of the turret and tightening the turret indexing mechanism nut H4.

Upon rotating handwheeland accordingly rotating shaftthe slide 17 resting upon the horizontal slideways 11, is caused to be moved therealong. The locking-bolt is held 5 then releases lever 53 and the bolt is held retracted by the turret indexing mechanism periphery 15 of the locking disc The indexing mechanism of the invention also includes a brake acting on the driving connection between the motor and the rotatable indexing cam mechnaism the motor is energized, said brake being released automatically upon energization of the motor.