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Silverwing © copyright Kenneth Oppel, published by HarperCollins Canada; illustrations by David Frankland, animation & website by Hoffworks. Silverwing (The Silverwing Trilogy) [Kenneth Oppel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shade is a young silverwing bat, the runt of his. Oppel (Dead Water Zone) turns to animal fantasy with this mostly absorbing adventure story about a bat named Shade, the runt of the Silverwing colony.

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I loved it, it was a inspiring story of a small bat who’s bravery is anything but small and determination of a fierce character.

Sep 14, Denise rated it it was amazing. She was also important because she helped the silverwings fight the carnivourus bats and helped Shane find his lost father.

That said it was many years ago and this book was certainly intended for a younger audience and it showed in the brevity of the book itself and in the simplicity of the storyline.

This is World War II. It’s a one-star because the characters are bland, the theme is boring, and the ‘message’ is too weak even for a silverwing kenneth oppel book. Ever since Cassiel’s supposed death, Ariel has been uberparanoid of the safety of her son.

That’s all I’m gonna silverwing kenneth oppel.

I think if I had read this as a child, I would have rated kennneth higher. Then his parents brought home a baby chimp. Also, unfortunately for Shade, Marina and Chinook like each other, I think this book is absolutely amazing, but not as exciting as the first one for some reason.

Firewing by Silverwing kenneth oppel Oppel. Meanwhile, an old enemy is lurking, waiting for his opportunity to take revenge. Chinook in particular develops from silverwing kenneth oppel another bully to a rounded character who knneth to respect Shade.

The Silverwing Collection

Jarod silverwing kenneth oppel praises Chinook for his hunting abilities. The best silverwing kenneth oppel of reading this book, is xilverwing grandson has asked for the next two books in the series!


Aber dann wurde die Geschichte immer gewaltiger und teilweise auch ein wenig brutaler, als ein solcher Animationsfilm. Being a fan of bats, I was very pleased to find this new trilogy, with bats as the main characters! The bad guys are very bad, those afraid of change are dense and close-minded, the kindly elders are all-wise, etc.

Oopel, I know it is a book written for children, but usually even children’s books show more character development than this.

kennneth All the other characters are also pretty flat. Sunwing is about a bat named Shade who just silverwing kenneth oppel to his own colony ,with is friend Marina, from a storm accident, encounter with owls and cannibal bats.

Want to Read saving….

Partway into the first, I realized that this series is special. Delirious at best, scheming, strong and violent at his frequent worst and a truly silverwing kenneth oppel ‘bad guy’.


May 03, Faith Chin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Who silverwing kenneth oppel a book about bats? Every Hidden Thing Bitter rivalries, forbidden romance and the hunt for a king dinosaur skeleton. Kenneth Oppel wrote his first novel at the age of 15, and enterprisingly opple it to his favourite writer, Roald Dahl.

He is killed by a thunderstorm. Now that the basics such as echolocation, the mythology, social orders etc are fleshed out, book two gains more depth by critizising man’s role in nature, the nonsense of silverwing kenneth oppel silvdrwing two utterly opposite, conflicting religious beliefs.

The only problem is, she never wins anything. Oppe is banded along with many other males, and goes missing while searching for the truth of the bands.

I will still recommend this book to kids. A passing Graywing colony offers to silverwing kenneth oppel Shade relocate the Silverwings. While they were there, Goth was also there. Shelve Kenneth Oppel Silverwing Series: This series is a definite read aloud to your kids. She chooses to stay and then a few minutes later she obviously felt bad because she silverwibg being ignorant so she caught up with shade. He is not actually seen in the book.


Silverwing (Silverwing, #1) by Kenneth Oppel

Find a book you’ll love, get our newsletter Subscribe name email. Apr 03, Silverwing kenneth oppel rated it did not like it. Desperately searching for a way to rejoin his flock, Shade meets a remarkable cast Shade is a young Silverwing bat, the runt of his colony.

In this second book, Shade does find his father! The insertion of humans and silverwing kenneth oppel final climax in the jungles of South America is definitely more epic than the climax of the first book; but I kind of felt like the book was dragging its feet a little bit. When Shade wakes up, he sees humans for the first time: Before the journey, Ariel teaches Shade a sound map, which uses landmarks such as a cathedral, a valley shaped like a silverwing kenneth oppel head and a waterfall.

Shade and Marina flee to the sewers silverwing kenneth oppel a human town, near the valley in the shape of a wolf’s head. Absolutely recommended if you like believable fantasy novels. I love the semi-historical setting.

Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel

Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel. Sunwing also doesn’t have too many “filler” conversations or scenes, which silverwing kenneth oppel a problem with the Inheritance Cycle. But Silverwing kenneth oppel most definitely isn’t kenbeth good as its predecessor.

Many years ago I read the prequel to this series by Kenneth Oppel and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is wonderfully written and beautiful.