If so, do you have any advice? This product renders bit software. If yes, there is a problem with your Windows OS. This tutorial is brilliant. The thermal pad was same width of the penny which made up for the difference in reaching the top of the gpu. The DVD drive spins, so it gets power from the motherboard. Worked fine for a Compaq V with the popular graphics chip problem.

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Compaq Presario F700 Notebook PC series

And you happened to pick the exact laptop I own. Because it is not reading the dvd or cd disk…….

No more trial and errors which might break parts rpesario clips. Hey i also have a compaq f Remove the hard drive and try turning on without the hard drive. It sounds as though compaq presario f700 backlight may have been damaged when it fell.

I probed the leads to the power switch and found not voltage at all across the open g700. Hello everyone, I would like to say compaq presario f700 your guide for the presario f was very good. Test your AC adapter with a voltmeter.

HP Compaq Presario F700 Notebook PC

Any suggestions sure would be appreciated. Can you give me advise what to do? Compaq presario f700 opens and when I put a dvd in I hear it spin for a little while and then stop. I removed it from the slot and put it compaq presario f700 in to have PnP pick it up but nothing happens.

I am replacing the LCD screen, but I am having trouble removing the keyboard from the laptop. Laptop powers on, boots to bios, has a bad display, dompaq further testing was performed. Replace the adapter if needed.

Should I reseat something? This page was last updated: Thanks for the support! Try reconnecting both modules.

Everything else is working fine and wondering what the fix could be? I think you can replace the LCD screen without removing the keyboard. Thank you for this tutorial, it really helped me restore a dead F into a fully working laptop.

I have a Presari F with a bad Cmopaq power jack. Compaq presario f700 taking your compaq presario f700 out and starting the laptop with just the ac cord plugged in, if it works, then your battery needs to be replaced. They want about the same amount to replace motherboard. So can be used for parts.

After I emailed her what our experiences including we found while compaq presario f700, she never response. I followed the towel trick about 1 hour, hoping not cause any damage to CPU. Once this happens, wait coompaq 1 hour, i know a long time, but this worksthen try the laptop again without power cord plugged in still. Any ideas on what to do or what you compaq presario f700 the problem could be?

The Specifications for a Compaq Presario F |

If you still have no sound compaq presario f700 after reinstalling factory software, there could be a problem with the sound board. Clean the heat sink and fan with compressed air.

I checked on the website below and I qualify for a replacement notebook computer. Thank you for providing this.

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