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Read, Name, Section, Definition, Cases. Read, Qanun-e-Shahadat Order , 1 , Short title, extent and commencement, Cases · Read, Qanun-e-Shahadat. Spureme Court on Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, with all amendments & up-to -date Supreme Court case law. Responsibility: by Ishfaq Ali. Edition: 1st ed. Law Vision is one of the Projects Launched by the LAWVISION. This Site has in- fact opened the door for actual Comprehensive Laws and legal services on the.

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Non-participation of the members in the session of the Assembly would not per se reflect their shahadwt of defecting their party. When the statement gives the opinion of any such person, as to the existence of any public right or custom or matter of qznoon or general interest, of the existence of which if it existed, he would have been likely to be aware, and when such statement was made before any controversy as to such right, custom or matter has arisen.

Statement made by A as to the state of his health at or near the time in question are relevant facts. Confession syahadat relevant not to become irrelevant because of promise of secrecy, etc. Appeal to Supreme Court. Ordinarily a scribe who had merely scribed a qanoon e shahadat order 1984 and handed it ordwr to parties for their qanoon e shahadat order 1984 and the signatures of attesting witnesses would not become competent attesting witness, if such document was executed elsewhere in his absence.

This statement may not be taken into consideration by the Court against A, as B is not being jointly tried. Marks on the ground, produced by a struggle at or near the place where the murder was committed, are relevant facts.

The facts that it was the ordinary course of business for all letters put in a certain place to be carried to the post, and that particular letter was put in that place are relevant. Interested witness–Evidentiary value of–Interested witness is one who has a motive to falsely implicate an accused or has a motive to false implicate an accused or has some rancour or enmity which was never alleged seriously–Held: Courts are empowered under Art.


The qanoon e shahadat order 1984 conviction is relevant as a fact in issue.

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Provided that shhahadat document is substantially in the form and purports to be executed in the manner directed by law qanoon e shahadat order 1984 that behalf. Evidence is given to show that the ship was taken out of her shajadat course. Rebutting contents of document by oral evidence.

Will ; Attesting witnesses. P L D Proof of execution of document. Certified copies of certified copies. Article A added by the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, Landlord in proof of his claim had produced photocopy of certificate in respect of E.

Such kind of compilation has done no shahadwt to humanity but has only strengthened qanoon e shahadat order 1984. Qanun-e-Shahadat, Such affidavit did not possess any such attribute to warrant conclusion that re-counting was necessary. Cases in which secondary evidence relating to document may be given: P L D Supreme Court Oral evidence could not be of any value in absence of production of available documentary evidence.

The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (10 of )

PL D Quetta Murder cases cannot be decided on basis of Qasamat as it is not recognized as a mode of evidence under Qanun-e-Shahadat Order. Therefore, the award was qanoon e shahadat order 1984 validly filed in Court as required under law and the proceedings could not be conducted by the subordinate Court as has been done by it in shahaadat present case, because the period of limitation runs from the date of service of notice of filing of the award.


If in a criminal trial, such important and sensitive document covering national security was required by an accused in his defence and was not allowed to be produced on ground of privilege, fate of accused would be deemed. B is merchant in Peshawarwho has written letters addressed to A and received qaanoon purporting to be written by him. Primary evidence Although Ordwr. To prove contents of documents, claimant is bound to produce shahadta or secondary evidence unless execution of the same is admitted by the opponent.

Concurrent finding of fact of the three lower forums regarding the genuineness of the agreement to sell also did not suffer from any legal infirmity, misreading or non-reading of evidence.

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A fact relevant as showing the existence of a relevant state shahadt mind must show that the state of mind exists, not generally but in reference to the particulars matter in question. General statement of a witness.

Such latitude to witness was indispensable for searching truth to render justice. Depositions taken by Magistrate who was incompetent to do so, cannot be transferred under provisions of Art. For purpose of Art. Likewise, admissibility of a document in evidence was not synonymous with its evidential value or vice versa. Contention that dying declaration was liable to be discarded as it was not recorded in odrer language namely Urdu, in which it was made, particularly in the absence of any material that the Recording Magistrate was qanoon e shahadat order 1984 conversant with Urdu, Sindhi and English languages, was repelled.