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Operation Blue Star-Book By Lt. Gen. -Books on Sikh History in Punjabi – Books on Sikh Itihas In Punjabi – Books on Sikh Historical Events In Punjabi. Operation Blue Star was militarily successful, but it is criticized by many for being badly planned. K S Brar In the s, General Brar authored a book on his version of Operation Blue Star. You need to download an app called “Scribd” from Google Play store and paste the link into your mobile browser as mentioned below. Then after reviewing 3.

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The Baluch Regiment launched continuous attacks against Brar’s battalion. Very hard to believe those fig Ok, having read this book I feel it does give a somewhat accurate account of events that took place from an Indian military point of view. Whereas, the actions taken by the military and the Government are justified to the teeth and are represented as counter reactions the curb the militants.

Preview — Operation Blue Star by K. These people informed the army that the others were not being allowed to come out. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, isolated Punjab from outside states and imposed curfew. The militants were asked to send the oleration out of the temple premises to safety, before they started fighting the operation blue star book k s brar.

The Punjab imbroglio in the past few decades is but a manifestation of the manoeuvres for power by various competing interests, to which the politicians at the helm of affairs, both at the Centre and in the State, have contributed in no small operation blue star book k s brar, by their patently selfish political chicanery. I reckon that these were the hardest orders I ever gave in my life. Let us not close our eyes to gruesome realities: Insofar as the latter was concerned, great caution had to be exercised to see that the Darshani Deori and Toshakhana bue kept outside the line of fire.

All in all this book should be read by all those who desire to get a holistic understanding of the entire episode. Return to Book Page. It was nearing midnight now, and we were nowhere near our target. Its mission was to secure bokk southern wing while the Guards were doing the same in the northern wing. Roperia who was killed.


Abettors such as Bhindranwale and Simranjit Singh Mann are but natural corollaries. The commandos were flanked by the Sarovar and strong defences atop the concrete building. He details the challenges faced by them at the onset of the assault, especially the fortifications around the temple in a very beautiful and convincing manner.

As I have noted in my review that few stories were found little different in Durbar of Tavleen Singh then as mentioned by Brar in operation blue star book k s brar book. And nothing but the truth.

One wonders whether any other army in the world would have obeyed such orders. From Raj to the Republic: His gangrene – infected leg was amputated later.

Gives a deep m into one of the most important developments in modern Indian history. The first one was restricted to the premises of the Golden Temple and the latter was to raid the countryside of Punjab to get hold of any suspects.

Operation Blue Star – English version – By Lt.Gen.K.S.Brar

General Brar later said in an interview that Bhindranwale and his immediate accomplices had shifted to the first floor of the Akal Takht, and this was against the tenets of Sikhism, since operstion one is allowed to stay above the Operation blue star book k s brar Granth Sahib. This page was last edited on 24 Juneat The apc was intended primarily to provide protection from small arms’ fire to the section, which was to be lifted right up to the doorstep of the stairs leading in; the remainder of the company was to follow close behind.

A preliminary commando – type gook seemed to be the only alternative to silence the machine hlue, particularly two of the weapon positions which were covering the staircase and the entrance to the first floor, as these were the ones causing maximum casualties. Throughout the book the author sticks to the points, important related events are briefly touched upon so that reader has context also operation blue star book k s brar do not go wayward from the real topic.


Though this afforded some relief, progress was slow and strongly contested. They believed that the militants were keeping the pilgrims inside to stop the army from entering the temple. Once more the militants brought down a heavy volume of machine gun fire on to the assaulting troops, in spite of being under fire themselves from our tanks and other support weapons from the northern wing.

This book gives answers to many questions that have arose time and again about the operation blue star, its necessity, its operation blue star book k s brar, use of tanks and many other questions. Sep 06, Rupesh rated it really liked it. Oct 02, Abhishek rated it liked it. What also beggars disbelieve is why out of all days did they choose to attack on a day when they knew ‘s of pilgrims would be flocking to Harmandir Sahib on a Gurpurab?

The Blue Star story – Society & The Arts News

The book is a good-read and is a must read for all those who comment on the men in uniform without understanding what they have to endure for keeping this country and it’s fabric together.

Bolle so nihaal Sat shri akaal.

The courage displayed by the Para Commandos was remarkable, evident in their casualty figure – 17 killed and 31 wounded. The operation was planned and need to execute in a haste as it arouse communal instability in the state and country.

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