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Operation Blue Star-Book By Lt. Gen. -Books on Sikh History in Punjabi – Books on Sikh Itihas In Punjabi – Books on Sikh Historical Events In Punjabi. Operation Blue Star was militarily successful, but it is criticized by many for being badly planned. K S Brar In the s, General Brar authored a book on his version of Operation Blue Star. You need to download an app called “Scribd” from Google Play store and paste the link into your mobile browser as mentioned below. Then after reviewing 3.

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By now it was stwr. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would give it a 3 and a half out of five. Retrieved from ” https: Ati Vishist Seva Medal.

Supreme use of words.

Let us not close our eyes to gruesome realities: The battalion fought very bravely sta the death toll of the militants in this area was It should bpok be clear that operation blue star book k s brar the army only for the entire situation will not provide any meaningful solution and the role of the politicians and the games they play should be account to ensure that such an episode is not repeated in India.

The chronological events are described in a very lucid and yet interesting manner by the General.

Operation Blue Star: The True Story

As 26 Madras was well behind schedule, contingency plans to induct resources from the southern entrance were put into effect. This book is written by Lt Gen K. Anyhow, this is a good book and makes very honest and sincere effort to enlighten you about what transpired on that fateful day of 6th June And if such weightage had been given, it could have justified the subtitle “The True Story”.

Brar joined the Maratha Light Infantry in as a lieutenant. By the morning of 7th June, operation blue star book k s brar Army troops had full control of the temple.

He won the Vir Chakra for the battle fought at Jamalpur on the night of 10 December Apr 13, Mohit rated it gook it. Its mission was to secure the southern wing while the Guards were doing the same in the northern wing. Casualties were fast mounting, and even evacuating the wounded was dangerous.


Everyone remembered the count of the civilians and the militants killed, nobody bothered with the men in olive-green who never made it back to their families and made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty.

Having secured the room closest to the Clock Tower using guns and grenades, they cleared the rest. However, at Chandimandir Cantonment, he was told to take a flight to Amritsar. Written by the commander who spearheaded this mission, this book is perhaps the most comprehensive and authentic account of one of the most important and unfortunate events of post-Independence era.

A graduate of the Australian Opwration College and an alumnus awards for gallantry brat distinguished service of an exceptionally high order. I placed 26 Madras, 15 Kumaon and the two companies of’9 Garhwal under his command and asked him to set his eyes on the Akal Operation blue star book k s brar. A True Story that got published in operation blue star book k s brar helped many people change their minds.

On the sttar account from the person who is executing it.

And we knew that unless we neutralised the Akal Takht defences before sunrise, our troops in the open will be sitting ducks. Apr 06, Vikas Puri rated it really liked it.

But the xenon lamp proved ineffective after being switched on for more than a minute as operation blue star book k s brar filament invariably burnt out. He commanded an infantry battalion in the Indo-Pakistan War. The first one was restricted to the premises of the Golden Temple and the latter was to raid the countryside of Punjab to get hold of any suspects.

For his act of courage, he was awarded the Ashok Chakra.

Unfortunately, the entry of 26 Madras had bluee delayed as they could not sttar their way through the steel gate, which was more formidable operation blue star book k s brar we had estimated. The remaining two companies of 26 Madras had been left behind to consolidate on their lodgement in the southern wing of the parikrama.

When asked about why the army entered the temple premises just after Guru Arjan Dev ‘s martyrdom day when the number of devotees is much higherGeneral Brar said that it was just a coincidence. Two of the top three Army commanders were Sikhs: To ask other readers questions about Operation Blue Starplease sign operation blue star book k s brar. But being such a high ranking official the author should have known that they were just a pawn in the hands of the state government and could not be expected to take independent action.


This book does not talk about all these things.

Before the operation begun, a media blackout was imposed in Punjab. Ranjit Singh Dayal, and Maj.

Kuldip Singh Brar – Wikipedia

Operatiin tanks continued neutralising the machine gun positions. Apr 19, Sanjeev rated it it was amazing. Contact us Monday to Saturday – May 15, Prabhpreet Singh is currently reading it. However, he insisted that the act was not against any religion, but against “a section of misguided people”, who held the country to ransom. This operation led to numerous casualties among the militants, army, and even civilians.

In fact, ever since the operation blue star book k s brar of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, no coherent body has emerged to represent the Sikh interests for any reasonable duration. Some of the facts and figures don’t seem right though.

The Baluch Regiment launched continuous attacks against Operatiom battalion. To prevent any damage to the Akal TakhtGeneral Brar’s soldiers initially tried to lob stun grenades that momentarily stun people without causing any collateral damage. On 8 February, year-old Harjit Kaur, of Hayeswest Londonwas also charged for her part in the attack.

It is very easy to say to we could have laid siege, we could have postponed it for a day or two, or carried out the operation without the loss of life. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, isolated Punjab from outside states and imposed bok.

Internal gangsterism has been the hallmark of the stsr of the Akalis who have arrogated to operation blue star book k s brar the authority to represent the Sikhs for all purposes.