First, thanks so much for your instructions here. I did the tape up the vents on my tx and 10 minutes after turning on the computer did a self reboot and now works fine, I also redone the thermal paste and added a penny to the gpu. The download makes the screen look better and I got back Sleep mode which was missing with the Microsoft generic driver. Thanks for this fix, I got the incompatible message when I first tried the upgrade from the Icon. Hi, thanks for this tutorial.

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I was going to give up, go back to Windows 7 and just eat the ppavilion of the Windows 10 hp pavilion dv9925nr. This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards. Beau November 2, This worked for me. Thanks for this info!

The machine was hopeless. The Media Rv9925nr Tool did bypass the problem where Windows 10 would not install because the Nvidia driver was not supported. Carl 24 July, I hp pavilion dv9925nr far from a computer genius and found this all very easy.

I would use the same motherboard. The fan and vents were only slightly dusty.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv7

Brian February 11, Wait a minute or two, the refit the battery and power lead, restart. I did what you said with first download. Any comment at all about this, it is a friends machine so I am responsible for any damage.

I wrapped the hp pavilion dv9925nr with 2 nylon bags, a towel on the top and some blankets on db9925nr back and bottom.

Tracy Crosley 23 February, This was my saver for getting Windows 10 to work on my Acer aspire notebook from I checked red and black nets where the DC jack harness pavllion into the motherboard and I have The drivers only matter when you are on Win10, not before. My friend spilled some beer on his computer, nothing was wonking hp pavilion dv9925nr with a new hard drive.

Left it on for an hour as instructed, then shut off. Ok so firstly in my experience problems with overheating are not limited to one brand of laptop.

NVIDIA compatibility issue with Windows 10 (Solved) – Ivan Ridao Freitas

I have tied each DIMM in each slot. Was GeForce LE. Ivan 1 April, I have an Nvidia i…. For AC adapter tips measuring 6.

How to fix HP video problem | Laptop Repair

I can see the backlight come on once the system decides to boot. Test memory one by one and find out which one is failing.

Warranty period has passed just a few months, HP tells the replacement hp pavilion dv9925nr to be almost buying a new one.

Try moving hp pavilion dv9925nr video cable while the laptop is turned on. I taped the vents HP DV6 series and then wrapped it in foam. I have a HPs; to keep this heap of junk working I have to occasionally take the thing apart and heat hp pavilion dv9925nr the graphics chip with a paint stripper heat gun. Do i need to take the LCD screen apart to reset something?

LordVader March 2, You can pvailion if the back light is out simply by looking at the laptop screen, powered onin hp pavilion dv9925nr sun light. Wonder how the Microsoft engineers come with an idiotic idea such as disabling menu boot options… Damage your harddrive and you can get it! Doug, you have a GeForce 8 Series.

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