I traced it to the little switch that sticks up out of the case, the standby switch I guess. Sry for messaging again, but I gave you wrong information in my previous message. I reseated the battery and it came back on. Make sure the laptop screen is set as a primary screen. Again, thank you for posting the heads up where it was likely to be found by many people like me. First of all, I would check memory modules.

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Looks like i am going to have to replace motherboard after all. I need your help….

I have a Toshiba satellite m35x like the one in the guide that had the same problem. I installed new inverter and it fixed the problem. I traced it to the little switch that sticks up drll of the case, the standby switch I guess. I have Macbook Pro 3.

I now leave flashing to the experts, if they screw it up they fix it at there cost not mine.

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Commknication I cant see anything on the screen and after a few seconds the communicaiton restarts and the same thing again happens. I will add on stuff later. CPU failures are very rare. From your nice article, I think the Motherboard is working well dell inspiron n5110 pci simple communication controller it works perfectly with the external monitor.

After reading this post I was able to narrow down the problems to laptop. Any help would be appreciated…. Hello friend, I have a Toshiba Sattelite Afor many years.

Whenever I press power button to start it, it starts but after 1 or 2 seconds it turns off. Occasionally, when the adapter is plugged in there will be a short buzz when I press the power button, but nothing else.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

Also, tried removing hardisk and wireless card still no result. Any help from someone would be great that has seen this before. If you found corrosion on the motherboard, probably the motherboard died. The M35 when in failure mode lights up and charges and runs fan for 1 sec. My daughter has a Compaq Presario V laptop. I have a Compaq F and the wireless dell inspiron n5110 pci simple communication controller quit working. I was breaking my head over my laptop to figure out which part was causing the problem.

The light showing at the plug in for the charger IS on. The screen gets blurry alot, especially as my wrists are resting on the front of it while I type.

Apart from that the fan also stops in seconds after I turned it on. Sounds like its turned into a paperweight. The problem seems related to the laptop VGA port.

I did exactly what you said. It comes in an external monitor.

I decided to format the maching using the manufacturers installation discs and all was going well, I could see the screen clearly and as the installation got to 25 percent the screen suddenly froze along with the cd light and hard drive light. Sometimes the backlight flickers on and off. Unfortunately, my laptop began smoking!

I unplugged the Dell inspiron n5110 pci simple communication controller screen backlight from the inverter board and connected by test backlight dell inspiron n5110 pci simple communication controller. The only difference is, when i connect the power cord the battery LED flashes for 3 seconds and then stays on……however, pressing the power ON button does nothing…….

Can I reset or flash the bios some way if the motherboard is not dead. In cases when it successfully boots up, it is always possible that it stop working at any moment.

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