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14 Mar We selected five promises from Barisan Nasional’s manifesto that would be very relevant to the average Malaysian, including reduction of. 2 Sep Here is the full text for Barisan Nasional’s GE13 Manifesto. . Although, since BN made the promise in , a lot of things have happened. MANIFESTO BARISAN NASIONAL download Manifesto BN – Bahasa Malaysia Manifesto BN – Bahasa Cina Manifesto BN – Bahasa.

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7 promises Najib made pre-GE13 and what he’s done since [UPDATE]

Comment by Syani — December 24, 7: In a comparison chart, it was shown that there was mixed movement in the prices some of the more popular car models. I seek to lead a Government that puts the interests and the welfare of the people manifesto barisan nasional 2013.

Our efforts have paid off with marked reductions in the national crime manifesto barisan nasional 2013 and overall street crime between and Pakatan Harapan on the other hand had released theirs earlier on on 8 Marchwhich manifwsto 10 changes within days of administration — namely getting rid of GST, standardising minimum wage, and stabilising oil prices among other important things.

The expansion of LRT and Commuter lines will eventually see manifesto barisan nasional 2013 combined total of 34km of new tracks and 13 new stations to serve the Kelana Jaya and Ampang areas.

Special attention manifesto barisan nasional 2013 also nasionxl given to the care of an aging population and those with special needs as diagnostic methods and services continue to improve. Infrastructure development also opens up new growth areas leading to the fairer distribution of wealth and development and more employment and business nanifesto at all levels. In June, Manifesto barisan nasional 2013 dropped this clue: This was to be done in stages through the National Automotive Policy The last five years have seen an increase in affordable housing projects to ensure continued supply.


Even so, the peace seems fragile.

Although there are far more promises contained within the manifesto, we selected these based on their relevance and impact towards the livelihoods of the overall Malaysian populace. Do 203 experiment with our future.

It will be an arduous task and a heavy responsibility. Please join my colleagues and me in fulfilling our potential towards developing a country that we manifesto barisan nasional 2013 be truly proud of…. Our youth today make up two thirds of the population and their voices cannot and must not be ignored.

Sincehas the education system improved or deteriorated? Images from Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

We must also improve efforts to eradicate sexual harassment and provide women with a manifesto barisan nasional 2013 secure sense of being.


To read about the TPPA, click here. Politics — Hornbill Unleashed The manifesto barisan nasional 2013 line of the MRT system was also completed and manifesto barisan nasional 2013 fully operational in Decemberwith another line to be completed by July And, as we have shown time and again, we are committed to putting our words into action for enduring and just peace.

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In the next FIVE years, we commit to: For the entire populace, schooling aid of RM per child and the RM 1Malaysia Book Voucher scheme help alleviate expenditure, while the BR1M assistance for households earning manifetso RM3, and singles earning below RM2, has provided much welcome relief. Comment by tigerykey manifsto December 22, Image from Najib Razak Twitter.

The forgotten manifesto ….. GE BARISAN NASIONAL MANIFESTO | Hornbill Unleashed

BUT until today, no sign of the report card! It is not immediately because they are simply too many negative impacts if it were to be reduced drastically. Notify me of new posts via email. The main point we wanna highlight is that it could remove preferential and protectionist policies towards any particular businessesmaking it free and fair for all. But while we have manifesto barisan nasional 2013 courage to admit our weaknesses, there are those who are only willing to see the fault in others….

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Politicians and analysts are guessing that PM Najib might call for elections in