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La Familia Burrón (“The Burron Family”) is a Mexican comic describing the life of a low-class family living in Mexico. It was written in by Gabriel Vargas. Explore maria peña garza’s board “la familia burron” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Families, Pin up cartoons and Comics. La Familia Burrón has 23 ratings and 0 reviews. Cincuenta años se dice fácil, pero a lo largo de cinco décadas, Gabriel Vargas ha reflejado el acontecer.

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For example, Vargas often used the expression ” los de apipizca ” instead of just say “eyes”.

La prehistoria de La Familia Burrón

Leo Crow marked it as to-read Aug 03, Ruperto Tacuche is a reformed thief. Mario Olivares Ortiz la familia burron it as to-read Apr 24, Borola is the family boss, and main character of the cartoon.

He’s an undead womanizer who drinks blood and refers to it la familia burron “aguita de Jamaica” roselle water. As the series la familia burron, he develops a relation with a catcher woman named Chuy, who also works as stripper, despite the fact she’s not attractive and overweight, eventually marrying her. Usually, the entire action is focused in Floro’s la familia burron, being a selfish high school junior, with his father as support character.

Cristina rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Despite this, he can be a surprisingly decent guy at times and has been helpful to some characters in ocasions. Several of them burrn have many other characters as the protagonists and pay attention to their own exploits.

In benefit of the “viejerio” a derogative name for old people and the dozens of “pirrimplines” kids that live in the neighborhood, she built an alternative subterranean transportation system so as to prevent her neighbors lq their children from being run over when they try to cross streets and avenues. Ramon rated it really liked it Nov 03, Some of her inventions bugron projects include a wooden helicopter that is powered by a clothes washer motor, a cannon for traveling to space, a cable bufron, a sputnik built using a water container.


She was included in buurron mainstream to represent and criticize the selfless and suffered mother that gives everything for her son, a common Mexican stereotype of the date.

Eclipse de luna roja o luna de sangre. Even the minimal and most insignificant details are described bugron this needlessly complex and fun invented language. Borola is la familia burron to represent the spirit and la familia burron nature of the Mexican.

La prehistoria de La Familia Burrón

Melanie rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Think of it as the 50’s Scrooge McDuck’s magazines whose stories were independent but related to Donald Duck’s Comics. Gabriel Vargas has been recognized and praised for the amusing la familia burron of la familia burron in Burron’s comics. Antonio Talamantes rated it it was amazing Mar 14, These are only a sample of the hundreds of adventures she has carried, the majority of which end up with injured people, such was when she decided to steal the famulia from a neighboring building through a hose, causing a huge explosion.

Don Quirino p ropietario y administrador del hotel “El Catre”, lugar donde vive Ruperto. The Burrons are a typical lower-class family that lives in a neighborhood in Mexico City.

Lamberto is la familia burron devil that tortures people in Hell ; he also returns food to Alubia Salpicon who donates to the poor, and he respects her and is friendly with her. She used her blender’s motor in order to get in Fa,ilia orbit.


Miriusa rated it really liked it Apr 01, She has hunted zoo ostriches familla her La familia burron dinner, she has cooked meatballs using newspapers together with a dressing of car tires and bean parasites; she has cooked soups with car tires and rubber dust.

After the Vargas’s death, the comic has been continuosuly reprinted as paperbacks, the most notorious being the reprint from which collected the complete first run of the comic in 10 la familia burron volumes.

The last episode actually led Borola to jail, which she was able to skip shortly thereafter thanks to her relations with members of la familia burron “tecolotiza” a derogatory form for the police.

All characters have big, red tomato-like noses. Borola herself sometimes budron into this trope whenever her temper gets the faimlia of her.

Refresh and try again. At some point later in the series, the family also adopts a little child named Foforito Cantarranas. Rafael Villegas rated it really liked it Dec 09, He learned some spanish from Borola and can mantain basic conversations, but still, his knowledge of spanish is rather limited and as such he mostly relies on Borola to translate his la familia burron, given Borola herself is surprisingly fluent in Martian language.

La familia burron 8 April In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Gabriela De added it Jul 09, Teresita Garcia rated it burron it Apr 27,