Thanks for the help. I have had great success from Waukegan, Illinois. You will need to either get a technician in to fix it, or get creative like I did and order the part Gear Coupling A Kit and then you will have to file out the frame so you can pull the gear assembly out without having to pull the whole printer apart which is apparently what the techs have to do Be very careful not to damage any wires while filing the frame hole bigger. Please re-read the notes section, because I had it back-to-front about the toner percentage life values. They will probably say the printer is faulty not the drums and it’s not their responsibilty. Please do it, it will be a lot of help to me. Just turn them upside down, press in a white plastic button on the blue handle, then move the handle until it opens the blue plastic door on the bottom of the cartridge and pour in the toner.

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Sometimes you can just take it out and put it back okidata c5150n and it will work again. On my printer this sensor system often generates error warnings, but I just ignore them. Sounds like the tray attached to the bottom of the transfer belt is full of yellow toner and the toner is piling up on the wiper blade that cleans the toner off the actual black belt.

I am not okidata c5150n keen of dismatling this beast, not before knowing what to look for. The new toner goes in the front half, and the okidata c5150n compartment behind it holds used toner, that somehow travels up from okidata c5150n image drum. I have a MC fits many other models too fuser in front of me.

No should okidata c5150n could. Have just replaced cyan toner to Oki C printer and am getting some toner stuck to the drum and then comes onto the print. If it doesn’t get emptied, it will eventually clog up and stop various plastic gears from turning and cause error messages concerning the transfer belt. I hope this helps. Perhaps the waste toner is getting blocked up in the transport mechanism in the left end piece of the drum unit.

I have an OKI cn. That should okidata c5150n buttons 1 and 5 pressed while starting. Google found this page with one click and my c was reset and printing perfectly in under two minutes!

Trouble is I don’t know what this is or okidata c5150n to get one. Then remove shims after tightening down pkidata.

The “Dot Count”s set how many times each colour has been used, in the life of that toner?

Anyone know how to fix these 2 problems. For example, you cannot put toner qualified okidata c5150n use in one manufacturer’s printer into a different manufacturer’s printer.

Okidata c5150n is the only toner that I have used. The Value has been set. Now has error replace toner.

Oki error codes | FixYourOwnPrinter

This also works for the OKI C I had to clean up and replace the old drum cartridge which works OK now. The “Total Dot Count” is the same as the above, but for the entire life of the printer The “Replace” values for belt, fuser, drums, and toners show how many c150n each of those okidata c5150n have been replaced.

When I tried changing the the fuser life limit it refused to increase above The okidata c5150n digit will slowly flash. By the way, I can also tell you okidata c5150n to reste the drum units.


Have you tried re-coating your drums — There is a cream which is sold by www. If d5150n, rotate your document in your program so it prints upside down, printing the photo on the right instead of left. Plugs in on the CU CCA, that’s the board the network cable plugs okidata c5150n, okirata board pulls out in the okidata c5150n of the printer.

It was printing with a weak black and magenta only – now all colors are bright and good as new! okidata c5150n

Don’t let the drums get light! Twist the two wires together and power up the machine. Hi kereru, thanks for okidata c5150n reply. If it didnt reset means its faulty. The new value is set.

Be careful when doing this to keep okidata c5150n exposure to the imaging drum to a minimum. What okidata c5150n the fuser? Do anybody knows hoy to resolve it?? Also have empty cyan and magenta refillable carts in the oem boxes.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

As I mentioned before the problem was after our 2nd order of toner and continued for 4 orders and 14 drums. Up till I did the reset I only had a toner sensor error which has okifata been cleared. If you currently have an error message for toner cartridge life, the message okidata c5150n continue to be shown until after you’ve sent one okidata c5150n job, and then it will usually disappear for awhile.

Next time i change the OPC, I will make some photos and post them, if anyone should be interested. We okidata c5150n getting problems with our c toner sensor error but there was no obvious problem.

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