If the jammed paper is visible at the right side, proceed to Step 3. Simple Operating Procedures Simple Operating Procedures This section lists the procedures that are most frequently asked, particularly those in relation to the system settings. Follow the troubleshooting procedure below to solve the problems. With this forwarding feature, you can receive iFax documents on your computer without having to walk up to the machine to pick them up. Active Coordinate Area, Scaling: Notes on Security E-mail uses the Internet, which is a network connecting computers worldwide, as its transmission path. Paper Tray Settings

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Select the next recipient.

If apeosport-ii 4000 are no IW commands in the data, the active coordinate area is determined by Adapted. This section explains how to replace the staple cartridge attached with the C-Finisher with Booklet Maker.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 4000 Manuals

Apeosport-ii 4000 next stack of documents is copied after the previous stack. This setting is used for the box selector feature. Page Overview of Auditron Administration feature. Select [AM] or [PM].

Image View Kit Apeosport-ii 4000 images stored in mailboxes. Select apeosport-ii 4000 Mailbox] on the [Transmission Options] screen. Return Lever 4b to 4000 original position. Page 4 Fax Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass.

When replacing toner cartridges, we recommend you Normally, plain paper is set. Changing The Paper Settings 9 Paper and Other Media Changing the Paper Settings Apeosport-ii 4000 following describes how to change the paper types for Trays 1 to 4 and how to set image quality processing by individual paper type.

The [Recipient Details] screen is displayed. Copy Mode Settings Data Restoration The encrypted data cannot be restored in the following situations.

ApeosPort-II Fuji Xerox

Page 8 Computer Operations Select a document from the list, and click [Import]. Notes on Security E-mail uses the Internet, which apeosport-ii 4000 a network connecting computers worldwide, as its transmission path.

Job Flow Error Report This mode is convenient for confirming the sender or apeosport-ii 4000 an external telephone to confirm whether apfosport-ii is a fax before beginning reception. Clear the document jam following the instructions, and then load apeosport-ii 4000 document again on the document feeder.

Push the top of the staple cartridge holder down as shown.

ApeosPort-II : Download : Fuji Xerox

apeosport-ii 4000 Fax Receiving Mode Print Area Set whether to expand the print area. Selecting A Mailbox 6 Send from Apeosporr-ii Selecting a Mailbox Selectable mailboxes depend on the settings on the user authentication feature.

Use this dial to enhance or decrease the contrast. Cause The network between the computer and machine is abnormal. Changing The Paper Settings When calling a specified stored apeosport-ii 4000, the last screen shown when you registered the stored programming appears. Trouble during Printing Cause No paper for the specified paper size.

Features Overview In the [Settings] dialog box, select [Every visit to the page] or [Every time you start Internet Explorer] for [Check apeosport-ii 4000 newer versions of stored pages: About Internet Fax 4 Fax About Internet Fax Unlike general fax communications using public phone lines, Apeosport-ii 4000 Fax hereafter referred to as iFax uses corporate intranets and the Apeosport-ii 4000 to send or receive scan documents as e-mail apeospor-ii.

Enables the Polling feature.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

An original size is assigned to apeoaport-ii of the 11 buttons other than [Auto Size Detect]. Error Code Category Error Code Cause and Remedy C P F S M O O [Cause] An on-demand apeosport-ii 4000 job was sent to the machine using the remote access feature, but the time interval of receiving 4000 print job and starting the print processing exceeded the time limit specified on the machine.

To use the [Scan to Mailbox] feature, apeosport-ii 4000 [Scan to Mailbox].

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