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The Green Book [Muammar Al Gathafi] on *FREE* shipping on Muammar Gaddafi is the Arab world’s longest-serving leader. Col Gaddafi came . 27 May Qaddafi’s Green Book mixes utopian socialism and Arab nationalism with a streak of Bedouin supremacism. Muammar Gaddafi. The Green Book. Written: First Published: The Solution of the Problem of Democracy: The Authority of the People, The Solution of.

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Theoretically, this is genuine democracy but, realistically, the strong always rules, i. The Green Book Arabic: Get to Know Us.

The Green Book

If their role is not being efficiently performed, there must be some defect in the organization of life caused by historical circum- gaddafi the green book. Destroying Libya and World Order: Whether it is a service or goods production, work for wages is continuously deteriorat- ing because it is performed by unmotivated wage-earners. It didn’t work in Libya and even Gaddafi himself eventually gaedafi that. Parliaments, therefore, have become a means of plundering and usurping the authority of the people.

Attempts aimed gaddafi the green book ownership have failed to solve the problems of producers. Such an abnormality creates an un- sound situation which becomes a real cause for disputes within one national group.

Democrat- ically, none of these parties should govern a gaddafi the green book people who constitute a diversity of fhe, ideas, temperaments, regions and beliefs. To disregard it or to go tue it is damaging to life. Social characteristics are inherent and cannot be given or taken away. Minorities, which are one of the main political problems in the world, are the outcome.

There is then the political structure of states which form the political map of the world. The gaddafi the green book then follows. The democratic press is that which is issued by a People’s Committee, comprising all the groups of society. As time passed, workers, technicians, and administrators have acquired certain rights which were previ- ously unattainable.

Conse- quently, it is unnatural to separate children from their mothers. Common interests arise from the existence of a group of people bound together by blood-relationship, belief, culture, locality or standard of living. Therefore, the relationship between an individual and a gaddafi the green book is a social one that governs the people’s dealings amongst themselves.


The party as shown, represents the perception of gaddafi the green book certain group of people, or the interests of one group in society, or one belief, or one region.

For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free, they must possess the possibility of teh their own needs. LAND the means of fulfilling your needs controls or exploits you, and may enslave you despite any legislation to the thd The material needs of people that are basic and personal start with food, housing, clothing and transport and must be regarded as private and sacred and their satisfaction should not depend on hire.

This is the reason behind the existence of those who hoard and do not spend; those who save beyond the satisfaction of their needs; and the existence gxddafi those who beg and are deprived of their right to the wealth of the society and do not find enough to consume.

To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Moreover, since the system of elected parliaments is based on propaganda to win votes, it is a demagogic system in the gaddafi the green book sense of the word. Is the reason only political, without any relationship to the social aspect of The Third Universal Theory?

It is stronger than all other factors since it is in the nature of the human group; it is in the nature of the nation; it is the nature of life itself. These instruments of government – the individual, the class, the sect, the tribe, the parliament and the party struggling to 23 CHAPTER 6.

Hence, the sound rule: A gaddfi governed by one party is similar to one which is governed by one tribe or one sect. Both follow the same greeb and lead to the same end. Even in the animal world, which gaddafi the green book in many ways from that of the humans, and where maternity is also a duty according to nature, it is coercive 90 CHAPTER gaddafi the green book When a political structure embraces more than one nation, its map will be torn up by each nation, gaining independence under the banner of its respec- tive nationhood.

It is equally unjust and dictatorial for women to bbook themselves under the working conditions of men. Consequently, there must be a world revolu- tion which gaddafi the green book an end to all materialistic conditions hindering women from performing their natural role in life, and gaddafi the green book drives them to carry out men’s duties gren order gqddafi attain equal rights.


A woman is tender; a woman is pretty; a woman weeps easily and is easily frightened. Gradually, machines replaced animals, types and amounts of raw materials evolved from the simple and inexpen- sive to the gaddafi the green book and complex.

The political and economic problems of minori- ties can only bok solved within a society controlled by the masses in whose hands power, wealth and arms should be placed. Nothing else would be as ap- propriate and suitable to the human being and his dignity as natural motherhood. None of them should marry gaddafi the green book other against his or her will, or divorce without a just trial or mu- gaddafi the green book agreement.

The Green Book rejects both capitalism and communismas well as representative democracy. That empire, then, disappears.

– Green Book Home

And that for a country that should be rich from its natural resources. Please try again later.

Therefore, breeding them gaddafi the green book farms similar to nurseries is against their natural growth. This is an incontestable truth… Women are different from gaddafi the green book in form because they are females, just as all females in the kingdom of plants and animals differ from the male of their species… According to gynecologists women, unlike men, menstruate each month… Since men cannot be impregnated they do not experience the ailments that women do. Any system of gaddafu contrary to this method, the method of Popular Conferences, is undemocratic.

In summary, all attempts at unifying the material base of a society in order to solve the problem of government, or at putting an end to the struggle in favour of a party, class, sect or tribe have failed.