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Bill Kaysing worked as a technical writer for Rocketdyne, a company In his book, We Never Went to the Moon, (Italian title: Non siamo mai andati sulla Luna) . 28 Jun Who created the controversy over the moon landing first, and why? I could go on at length about how much Bill Kaysing didn’t know, what. 1 Sep Well, at least, that’s the view of writer Bill Kaysing. He has written a book aptly titled We Never Went to the Moon and won’t give up trying to.

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They launched the first man into space inand the first woman two years later. I think that Jim Lovell said it very well in his June 24, letter to Kaysing http: The Fight to Save President Trump. Extensive research has found that Cunningham bill kaysing we never went to the moon not a highly respected British director but an occasionally brilliant former quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.

Are you sure he is dead? The Book of Secret Wisdom: I think we went to the moon and anyone who thinks other wise I think is a dork!!!!!!!! Many years from now Mr.

Bill Kaysing Tribute Website – Hoax Theory

But on the eighth day the command console separated from the vehicle and descended to Earth as, of course, was shown in the films. Thankyou for your time Mkon Wells January 21, at 2: View or edit your browsing history. We do not feed at the trough of the government.


I visit your site nearly everyday, hoping for updates or blog entries. Sometimes it was a little hard to make sense of. Bill kaysing we never went to the moon a legacy you can be proud of, not some trash whose readers will doubt your sanity. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Meeting Buzz Aldrin here in the UK last week was a lifetime thrill for me, but 2 kids in the queue who got a scholl project signed by Buzz, will omon carry the torch way after Bill and I are forgotten. This article is featured in kaywing 12th Skeptics Circle.

Sunlight would cast shadows that would never intersect, he claims. Just because someone choose to question what they have been told, does not make them a bad person. But I learned so much more from probing deeper into the moon hoax comments that I am grateful for the incredible amount I learned on the greatest science and engineering achievement ever.

He was a pretty decent guy, in many ways that those who slander him here could not possibly know. Alexus, The answer to your question about the external camera can be neevr here: This sets the world stage for the next generation of discoverors and adventurers and even scientists, physicists et.

The answer to your question about the external camera can be found here: But, who was the guy filming him, when he stepped out of the Hubble? East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Sponsored products related to this item What’s this? Purchase something else for your money. July 20, at 7: Thanks for the site.


Were the lunar landings faked? | Education | The Guardian

The guy was slime. Tear up your manuscript and pursue a bill kaysing we never went to the moon that has some meaning.

What Kaysing was did was inexcusable. Irv Thomas, you appear to bil, laboring moo a misconception. NASA also allegedly created a lunar landscape in the Area 51 according to Kaysing moonset still there. Sometimes I almost admire him. October 18, at Recent Posts Thank you Revealed: As a result, Kubrick worked for 16 months at a specially-built sound stage in Huntsville, Alabama, creating footage of the Apollo 11 and 12 missions.

It showed that in exactly was the time when the amount of radiation was almost at the worst possible. Me probably more than most! Men tamed electricity, gravity, harnessed the power of the atom.

Bad Astronomy

This book can provide a usefull framework for further investigation. But if this film was an embarrassment to the US government, why did it wait until to frame Simpson for murder?

Man did not walk on the moon, he never even went there. This ensured that they would score a propaganda coup against the Soviets and keep the dollars rolling in for funding their real space projects.