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Designation: A/AM – 90 (Reapproved ) Standard Specification for. 3 Oct ASTM AM Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Steel Plates_建筑/土木_工程科技_专业资料。. Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Steel Plates – ASTM A/AM1.

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As the NDT technician that found the cracks I would only sign a report that stated “non relevant intermittent stepwise cracking indications found and acceptable as per ASTM as instructed by management” or something similar. I personally would not accept the welds unless I had it in writing that astm a435 small cracks you saw aetm macro astm a435 were acceptable. I believe requires grid scanning only and is not a very tough test to pass.

Yes is not tough standard so we have this problem: Review the drawings a35 them and determine if this is located in an area closer to one edge or the other where it may be sectioned away before delivery or something.

Astm a435 does your in-house procedure say about cracks.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. May astm a435 you understand me now.

One thing that was not mentioned is asfm material of the plate? No customer wants products that have cracks in them and no manufacturer wants to redo material that is acceptable to the standard they are working to. Link to Active This astm a435 will always route to the astm a435 Active version of the standard.

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Again, I think it is great that you take this much effort into something like this for astm a435 company, as well as the wstm. What is plate to be used for?

astm a435 Even though the a345 had passed A examination, there astm a435 lots of surface defects on the gear teeth, which was not acceptable to their customer. This procedure is not normally used to detect cracks. Thanks for all response my question.

You are a little off topic. Hope that helps you We had a client who bought a 6″ mm plate in order to make some gears. Brenton ; forget the weld. Now we take astm a435 signal from astm a435 of plate. It was developed to assure delivery of steel plates free of gross internal discontinuities such as pipe, ruptures, or laminations and is to be used whenever the inquiry, contract, order, or specification states that astm a435 plates are to be subjected to ultrasonic examination.

An equivalent standard is one which covers the qualification and certification of ultrasonic nondestructive examination candidates and which is acceptable to the purchaser.

Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Steel Plates

What is thickness of plate? Combining values from the two systems may result in nonconformance with axtm specification. I again agree with Dent: Astm a435 client learned an expensive lesson on UT examination, astm a435 testing for end use.

Bottom line is that ASTM is a workmanship based criteria and when dealing with cracks you astm a435 to use an ECA based on fracture mechanics. ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or astk any representation that the contents of this abstract are accurate, complete or up to date. Within the text, the SI units are shown in brackets. Your photo did not show on the astm a435.

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You would have to take an accurate macro section to see the extent of the cracking and then determine why the cracks are there. Yasin Fullfil all the astm a435 of Reference standard. This specification covers the standard procedure and acceptance for straight-beam, pulse-echo, ultrasonic examination of rolled fully killed carbon and alloy steel plates.

It’s hard to just guess, but I read ASTM-A to be a Specification used to evaluate steel plates such that they can be delivered to a machining phase with good confidence that there are no GROSS internal defects not the same as discontinuity free and that if any indications are noted, they are not larger in AREA than a 3.

What size and frequency probe are you using? If the indication were to be closer to one surface or the other as opposed astm a435 being right in the mid-thickness it may be in an area astm a435 could be discarded before machining – have the engineering or design groups look at the drawings.

It looks like your backwall signal is far too high it astm a435 off screen for the ASTM test.