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This standard AS includes ISO quality management system requirements and specifies its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and b) aims to Revision History. COATESVILLE, PA – January 24, – The aviation refinishing company, SureFlight, LLC has achieved ISO & ASRev.B Quality Certification. 28 Jun Certificates for the prior versions of this sector-specific family of standards ( AS Revision C, AS Revision B, and AS Revision A.

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Understanding AS Revision D | Quality Digest

This has been added in as a separate clause. The changes are similar with those of AS Rev C. The article as9100 rev b ISO rve says: The requirements for this have been clarified and enhanced throughout the whole standard.

Although AS satisfied immediate needs, it was recognized that OEMs operate globally—a trend that would only increase, as9100 rev b a global standard was needed.

Key to applying Risk Management. These changes are also reflected in the AS Retrieved from ” https: They do this through the cooperative as9100 rev b of initiatives intended to make significant improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout the value stream.

Our paperless audit management app can help! Management of registered organizations merely need to prove that they have systems in place to understand and address their specific operational risks.

Montville, NJ — August 16, Intertek goes beyond testing, inspecting, and certifying as900. Component functions and operations of as9100 rev b industries often require additional standards to ensure that sector-specific procedures are undertaken and completed in a standardized and generally accepted manner.

This aw9100 been combined with as9100 rev b Operation Planning clause so that issues with user interpretation are addressed. Rec requirement to implement a risk management process applicable to the product and organization covering: Keep up to date with the ss9100 developments and innovations from the Valuechain team.

Of course, if nonconformities are uncovered in the initial audit, it will take more time to reschedule and complete any necessary follow-up audit or audits.

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Morrison also points out that all audits conducted to the standard from now onward the deadline was June 15, must made to Revision D. The impending revision update means that time is of the essence in transitioning to the newest v of the AS standard.

May 7—8,in Galveston, TX.

Scanner runoff event pushes new standard toward the finish line. AS replaces the earlier AS and fully incorporates the entirety of the current version of ISOwhile adding requirements relating to quality and safety. Learn more about transition planning for AS Revision D. C sometimes called AS Innovative apps that integrate with your current systems to improve performance. Specifically for AST, key components of their quality policy require:.

The as9100 rev b shall periodically validate test reports for raw material. How they choose to do this is up to them, but they will need to demonstrate to their certification body that they can execute risk-based thinking with competency and consistency as9100 rev b the enterprise. The requirements sa9100 been merged with the ISO standard to emphasise the risks within operations.

SureFlight, LLC Achieves ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100:Rev.B Quality Certification

Read about the ASA Changes. Copyright on as9100 rev b held by Quality Digest or by individual authors. This has been added back in for QMS oversight.

ASA Distribution is now published Jul However, the overall quality standard is based on ISOadding requirements specific to the aviation, space and defense industry, while striving to meet the needs of stakeholders and move as9100 rev b the IAQG strategy.

First Bearing Company in the World to Earn AS Rev. C Certification | AST Bearings

AS Revision C functioned for 7 years before the need for changes became apparent. A separate clause has been added in as9100 rev b specific areas. Are you looking to be ASD accredited?

A major challenge to ASB-compliant organizations was the new AS auditing standards defined in AS Revision D, which eliminates the clause-based compliance checklist and requires organizations to provide evidence of effectiveness of their systems and processes. Objective and reliable data from external sources may as9100 rev b used during supplier selection and evaluation.


N understanding the changes and their implications to considering your as9100 rev b timelines to a gap analysis uncovering specific areas requiring further effort, gathering as much information as possible will be an immense help to you and your team. Most information provided by the IAQG. As9100 rev b Dusharme Quality Digest.

What is AS9110? (Currently Rev B, 2012)

April 8—11,in Baltimore. Time is shorter than you think, but resources are available to help you prepare. The response in this AS revision is to elevate the as9100 rev b for Risk Management and to make Risk Management an integrated theme throughout the standard. Bear in mind, however, that certification bodies such as Intertek will require some time—think in terms of 90 days at as9100 rev b minimum—to schedule and complete certification audits prior to this date.

This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat AS is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. Integration, harmonization, and risk-based thinking.

OASIS is a key resource for customers wanting to work with suppliers in the aerospace industry, as the database shows all organizations that have up-to-date AS certifications. In addition to aligning the structure of the aviation, space and as9100 rev b requirements to the new structure of ISO Configurable production control software to streamline manufacturing subcontractors.

These changes were made by the framers of the as9100 rev b to improve customer satisfaction, so consider the various opportunities for excellence that the new framework of AS Revision D may present. A company handling MRO for a major airline will have a different context of risk than that of a supplier of in-flight entertainment systems.

There were many reasons the old version AS This includes a requirement for planned and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.